School of Science and Technology, Singapore


1. Destination & Rationale
This is the first International Science Summer Camp offered by Japan and conducted in English.  The camp is located at the Yokosuka Research Park.

Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) is an R&D cluster for ICT specially focused on radio and communications technologies. It was opened in October 1997 in the southern suburban area of Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture. Being easily accessible from Tokyo, the area is surrounded by beautiful nature of Miura Peninsula providing quiet environment suitable for R&D, and a wide range of R&D activities are conducted by national and private research institutes and companies gathering here. To support those activities, various R&D facilities and test environments (test beds) are provided in YRP, and Forums and Committees offer opportunities to discuss about new technologies and its applications. In addition, events are held regularly to promote international exchange and industry-academia-government collaboration as well as training courses for human resource development.

2. Tentative Programme
This learning journey serves to help the students understand the following topics:
How to work as a team?
When and how life emerged on the Earth?  
Why do scientists need to think about ethics?
The biography of the Universe
The human body
The material science of the light and the colour
Nuclear energy – good or evil?
The World of Rheology – through an example of computer simulation for microcirculatory blood flow
Evolution of the Cognitive Traits
Future of Our Universe

3. Student Engagement Activities
·      Students will prepare the content materials for the trip (Information Search)
·      All students will prepare a Blog for documenting the trip

On site programme
·      Each student will participate actively in the various section of the camp
·      Each person will take turns to lead the nightly reflections on the specific topic  

Post-trip programme
·  Students update their trip experiences in their Blogs, make a video and present during assembly gatherings
·  Students will lead in a presentation of the Summer School during SST Open House in 2016

4. Detailed programme:

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