School of Science and Technology, Singapore

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sean Michael Koh(DAY 8)

  The final day was here. I think I speak for everyone that it was a day full of mixed feelings. We were very much excited for the final presentation and the hype was crazy. Yet at the same time, there was this sense of sorrow, a small one at the back of all our heads. We worked all morning to get our presentations ready and prepared very rigorously to make our presentations the best. When it came to the presentations, we were all so proud of our teams and each other with how well it all went. Each group did spectacularly, in my opinion, and we all had fun doing so. During my own, I was terribly nervous, but I looked onto my teammates, Erika and Yrma, for support.

  Then came Mr Nomura's speech. He asked us to close our eyes while he talked, letting images of the future ahead fill our thoughts and when we opened them, on the projector screen was the picture of all the ISS Students and it was really a magical moment for us. We all felt so touched and so absolutely inspired by Mr Nomura. I can say for sure that that was the most memorable moment for me and I will not be forgetting it anytime soon. Finally, it came time for the final dinner but everyone was so busy taking pictures with each other and making promises not to forget one another. After a lot of coaxing by the teachers, we finally made our way to the cafe where a table was filled with pizza, snacks and all sorts of food for us to eat.

  We all played a game of "Murderer" together, the largest we have done since the start of the camp and had a lot of fun. When the first few of us had to part, it was a really sad goodbye. Until 9pm at night, it was full of goodbyes and I couldn't help but feel a bit of me lost as I said goodbye to all my friends. It was only a week, but we had grown to be amazing friends. With the camp finally at it's end, the three of us(Ravern, Vanshiqa and I) got together and looked through our photos and videos. We were missing all our friends and classes already.

  From there, I can say that this camp has really changed the way I think, the way I go about my life and made me friends that I will never forget. I am really thankful to have been able to experience this opportunity, not just for the science I studied , but for the skills I learnt, the friends I made(not just the students, but the teachers too like Keith and Mr Nomura) and for all the brilliant moments in this camp. With that, I conclude my experience at ISS.

Answering the Survey:
1. I would indeed recommend the trip be continued
2. I would still recommend it to be continued though I feel that the high price may deter those who are genuinely want to go but can't afford such an expensive trip.
3. Yes, I was confident while travelling alone because I was never really alone. With Ravern and Vanshiqa to accompany me throughout the flight and airport transitions, as well as, the students and staff of ISS helping us throughout, I was surrounded by support and thus I was rather confidence even though it was my first time travelling "alone"
4. No, there were no travel issues.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Journey home

A SPOT tracker was used to track us on the way back from Japan.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Arrived at YRP Hotel

GPS Location using SPOT device

Arrived at Yokosuka Research Park

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sending off

Family sending off at Changi Airport